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      She heard titled names murmured to her, and saw men bowing and women smiling pleasantly, and it was little wonder that the color began to rise in her ivory face, and her heart to beat rather tumultuously. Lord Blankyre with ready tact drew her away.

      No, no, she said. II meant to tell you!


      "Dearest, the plainest Christian rites are enough, if they but make us one."


      She lifted her great eyes to him reproachfully.


      Yes, certainly, said Trafford, to whom the facts and companions of her past always seemed misty and almost mythical. Do you think he would come and pay us a visit? Ask him. We should all be glad to see him; glad to see any friend of yours, Esmeralda.The tone was cold, almost icily so, the manner that of an empress graciously thanking an inferior.


      A great responsibility has been laid upon you, Lady[53] Wyndover, he said. I now have the pleasure to place your ward in your hands. As you say, sheeris extremely beautiful, and is possessed of an immense fortune. This you know already; but I shall be extremely surprised if you do not shortly discover that she is possessed of something else.